Sell and Lease My Space…… Doric Surveyors sell and lease property.

Clarity As A Priority…. Doric Surveyors aim to get the basics right from the outset and this begins with establishing a clear understanding of the objectives of your instruction. We respect your property interests and understand how marketing mismanaging can lead to unnecessary holding costs that can affect other business & personal decisions. 

Be Informed…. Our ‘3T Market Appraisals’ outline a range of bespoke measured options rather than just focusing on a standard marketing solution. We believe that effective disposal advice is best achieved by outlining a range of considered options and the likely conversion period to achieve a sale or letting whilst also considering any unlocked potential and higher value that may exist. Only by doing this are you able to make an informed decision as to which marketing strategy is right for you. 

Effective Tools…Targeted property marketing together with the availability and accessibility of property information through a range of tools is the key to generating high level awareness required to secure interest. Our reactive web-portal allows access from any web device whether you are the enquiring party or the client logging in for a marketing update. Marketing particulars are clear with well-executed layout and design. Our range of marketing board designs are clearly tagged with a unique ‘Property ID’ providing direct access to property information when inputted into our web-search. 

The Job Isn’t Done Until it’s Done….. Just because a purchaser or a tenant has been identified it doesn’t mean to say the deal is concluded. We broker the sale or letting and draft the necessary legal instruction. Through proactive management thereafter, we track the legal process and can promptly assist and liaise wherever necessary with all involved whilst keeping you fully informed throughout.