Early Bird Or Night Owl? Daily work and life commitments do not always afford the time and convenience to keep track of your managed property. You wouldn’t necessarily call your bank to make a routine enquiry so why call or email your agent to do the same? Simply login…. Our secure client dashboard provides direct access to your full property information wherever & whenever you might be or need it.

Rest Easy We Have Your Back…. We deal with all aspects of property management including:

Rent Invoicing, Collection & Statements – We invoice, administer and monitor the collection of rent for single or multiple properties. 

Service Charge Management & Administration – Are you the landlord of a multi-occupancy property that is currently or requires maintenance management. Projecting the maintenance and repair of a multi-occupied property coupled with the breakdown allocation of maintenance contributions of the occupiers as per the provisions of lease can be both involving and detailing. We have experience of both structuring and administering service charges whether this is for an existing property or a property that is yet to be built. We adhere to the RICS PS Service Charges In Commercial Property– 1st Edition April 2019.

Periodic Inspection & Condition Reporting - Whilst many landlords carry out such duties effectively, there are occasions when a more objective detached approach by an intermediary can preserve a landlord–tenant relationship and yield a more effective end result.  We take an objective approach to inspections and where necessary make clear to non-compliant tenants their obligations to the commitments of a lease and expectations of their landlord. Our clear  concise condition reporting is hugely valued by our client landlords.     

Maintenance Administration – Who is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of a property can be misinterpreted leading to mismanaged and conflict. In some instances both the tenant and landlord can be responsible for different parts of the property whilst other items may form part of a service charge. We interpret these lease repairing obligations, correcting any established misunderstanding if necessary, and administer these ongoing responsibilities ensuring the condition of the property is maintained and the asset value protected.

Ongoing Maintenance – We are partnered with a panel of industry approved specialist and general contractors and provide a 365/24/7 emergency repair and maintenance service