Investment Advice That Aims To Dig A Little Deeper…. What may start out as a routine enquiry may lead to additional advice being provided that can unlock higher value. An under performing property investment may have the potential for the return and capital value to be enhanced by applying some landlord and tenant knowhow. Far too often a property is sold only to find later the purchaser had the knowledge and vision to create and capitalise on additional value. We are skilled in identifying hidden potential and are committed to ensure that the highest and best property value is achieved and maintained for our clients.

We Are Here, To Help You Make It Happen…. Property development is a fragile process that is often underestimated. Inexperience & uncertainty typically leads to mistakes and increased costs rendering the project prohibitive. We understand the bottom line counts and can provide advice & assistance with:

•    Vision Inception
•    Project Feasibility & Valuation
•    Acquisition & Site Assembly
•    Statutory Consents & Regulations
•    Disposal Strategy & Marketing
•    Cost & Risk Analysis 
•    Construction Sequencing & Time Lining
•    Main / Sub-Contractor Coordination 

A Risk Known Is A Risk Avoided…. We work in collaboration with a panel of other tried & tested professionals, consultants and contractors should a package type solution be required. 

Doric Surveyors Can Source it, Value It, Design It, Consent It, Engineer It, Build It & dispose of It…